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  • mturner_71 mturner_71 Jan 23, 2007 2:44 PM Flag

    MBNA were SNAKES

    Had one of their cards for four years at a nice low rate.
    Suddenly, APR shot up 18%. Called to inquire.
    "Cant find any reason, Sir, but we are not offering any special rates today, you can call back". Plain, simple extortionist rate increase. Unjustified. Fraudulent.
    Then, MBNA is bought be BoA. Now BoA's fees income increased by 66%. No Kidding?!?!
    So, enjoy your increases in margins and benefits.
    Its made off the raping of working americans foolish enough to have had faith in MBNA not to completely bend them over.
    Your profits are blood money.

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    • don't carry CC debt and you don't have to worry about the rate.

    • um, you ever consider paying off your balance? on time and in full?

      does it ever time!!

    • totally agree. MBNA were the lowest of the low in the gutter of credit card companies and who better to purchase them but the lowest of the low, couldnt care less for the customer NOR their own employees Bank of India (I mean America).

      I hope BAC goes bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wouldnt affect the US economy in the least, maybe India where they pay the programmers and customer service (which SUCKS BEYOND AMAZEMENT).

      And that site key? What a joke. The entire operation is a sham.

      • 2 Replies to eduopluris
      • Absolutely! Your 100% right when you said "And that site key? What a joke." The entire BAC operation is a sham.

      • Ah HAH! You sir are a fighter! Unlike the many on this board, who so quickly figured me a credit card abuser unable to pay on time or carry a balance with any sense of intelligence.
        Everyone else on this board just rolls over and bares their belly up for the big money machine. Thats the problem with America. Too many complacent people who "Allow" this type of activity. I totally agree with being responsible with your credit cards, and that was not an issue, but being stolen from, by a company who in full greed excercised their default program on me, without any default on my part at all. Regularly changing their contract Far different from the original one you signed, to the extent of being able to look at your credit history with other creditors and charge you a default for being late on one of the creditors in your history. This whole thing, is such a freaking racket. Moving their headquarters to Delaware where the APR's are allowed to be whatever the company wants. I think credit cards and the money machine behind them (aside from poor personal responsibility of course) is killing americans financially. You can BARELY buy or sell without a credit history, and you go thru all the trouble of obtaining a history, and it becomes the one thing that destroys your financial well being. We are all being fed thru a machine, and these people who sit there and assume poor responsiblity as the problem are just like dead tree stumps in a field. Walking softly into the shadows, hunched and scared. I say no more. Boston Tea Party Relived.

    • ok, kentlet, this here one better?

      Jaysus, kentlet, cain't you learn a new trick jist once? you been bitching since july. you had time to learn, dipweed.

      now try and foller me, i ain't saying this agin. you answered mturner what answered me what answered post at the top.

      ain't nobody changing nothing here cause you cain't keep up.

    • really. I thought you just shared the common opinion that tupperware is just too declasse.

      pppppppffffffffffffffffffffffbbt! :)

    • if you haven't seen it yet

      Check out joek's and "matthedadisback" give and take, timing yesterday. Posting patterns! ha ha

      The mimic couldn't help himself (guessing it's a he)

      So are you going to respond?

      How can you debate reality, even on a message board? ha ha
      This conspiracy is better... ha ha

      Matthedadisback posted �We all have different styles. As long as they work and suit our personalities then they are positive.Good Luck matt�
      @ 7:24 january 24, 2007


      Matthedickisback posted at 7:39 pm January 24, 2007 �So I see what you're saying, it would be far more reasonable to diversify and bet that a number of things are going to hell in a hand basket. Limiting each entity to 5%, as another poster or two advocated. Interesting.Let me see if I can correctly figure a way to express that in Italian and euros and get back to you.

      Hmmmm ???? See the id...a mimic of a clone, same person posting, oops...

      Then, matthedadisback (yep) responds @ 7:43 pm, without conflict with the �id� I have been negative on BAC since early September. I have been wrong. The stock has dramatically underperformed the market, but it has not gone down. I don't think my thesis is wrong. I believe I was early. I try to manage my risk so that I will do well if I am right or if I am wrong. If the market opens up tomorrow 20% or down 20%, I will be in good shape. Will you? matt

      Timing is everything, so the banner/joek/idiot continues his farce...

      Then, star08withdifficulty posts one minute later! LOL
      Then, guess who?


      OOPS! Joek the banning, mimic poster who is ruining this board showed his hand.

      �Joek� is the gang... Stan, Donut, Stars/Kent, Alan, Joek, Prawns, Liberty and now, Matt (I guessed this some time ago.)

    • Don't you realize how credit cards work? There is no interest if you pay them off on time......Are you 12?


    • I'd guess there is either more to the story (ie just need one late pay) or maybe you are just an activist stiring things up?

      As a MBNA cardholder in good standing for close to 20 years they have been pretty good at disputes or other account questions.

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