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  • hairybutt00 hairybutt00 Nov 26, 2007 12:37 AM Flag



    keeps on saying the same ol crappy ola day in and day out and they keep pumping fear in the peoples minds day in and day out. The latest is that the lenders are being asked to forgo the jump in the rates and keep them locked in at the lower rate. It is the best for them cause no foreclosure and no money lost - be happy with 6% or 6.5% than 9.5%, you are still getting money. A lot of the lenders are going for that as it was advised by by the Fed, the Congress/Mr. paulson and many other leaders. If they all follow suit this BS will stabilize pretty soon and all of these fear mongers will be scratching their bald, psorasis scalps.

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    • weewillie08 Nov 26, 2007 7:57 AM Flag

      Its hard for me to understand how a difference of 3 percentage points on a mortgage will make a difference between staying financially afloat or losing one's house. If home buyers were indeed cutting their finances that close, then they must have known all along that their home ownership was only temporary. The fact that lenders were OK'ing loans to that type of borrower is next to criminal, since they must have known all along that foreclosure was around the bend, and someone else was going to have to bail out the buyers & the lenders. Mainly, the rest of the country's responsible citizens who never would have purchased homes under those terms. Looks like the chiselers, both buyer and lender, won this one. It was fun while it lasted for both of them.

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