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  • drgeorgy5 drgeorgy5 Feb 12, 2008 10:12 AM Flag


    The surge of the relatively little known Senator Barack Obama in the primaries should give people pause.
    In my judgement Obama is becoming more than a candidate, he is the public face and symbol for a movement that has been a long time in the coming and goes far beyond him or his candidacy. Obama's supporters view him as the antithesis of the Washington establishment, and do not seem phased by argument that he fails to provide specific answers for many of the problems facing the nation. A revolt is under way against those who created them. People no longer trust those who have continuously and for years lied to them about everything from reasons for going to war to the state of the economy. Others who have seen no reason to vote in the past are voting for Obama this year in record turnouts sensing that this time their voice may make a difference.

    To those who say that Obama lacks experience, I would suggest that it was experienced people who have created these disasters which we have suffered for the past seven years. Without integrity and courage, experience can be the most negative of qualities.

    People perceive something different with Obama, and this is not limited to the United States. If Obama becomes president, there will be celebrations all over the world and hope that a new era will have begun.
    Despite the campaigns of war and fear-mongering that this administration has waged in our name, people all over the world still love Americans and the idea of America, even if they believe that we have lost sight of that idea. By electing Obama, we might restore the lost hope that America can be a beacon of
    democracy and fairness

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    • I kinda like Obama, but to some extent it is anything to stop Hillary. My thought, she will kill the market.

      OK that being said, on what I have seen in him, would probably be great for forign policy. He can talk as well as Kennedy or Regan. For a black president, maybe not bad for the nation, maybe a woman better, but not Hillary.

      For now I am into two canditates, one from each party. I want to hear some meat when it gets to real time voting. I want to hear what they think they will do for a cabinet. I want to hear what they will cut in the budget, not what they promise to voters on all they will give us.

      For Obama, an inpressive man, I want to see if he can walk the walk, not just talk and talk. Once he kills Hillary, then who will he chose for his VP, a woman would not be bad.
      Who will he do for cabinet, insiders, or the best and brighters as Kenededy and Regan did.

      Overall, the two running for real, after the primaries, have to take some hard stances and say what they will cut in the budget to give us the promisses they make. That unlikly, but is Obama is for change, maybe he will.

      Overall if it is McCain,and Obama, think Obama would be best served by doing a woman VP or one of Mexican ancestory.
      For McCain, woman or a black. For being an old white republican male, it is time to change some sex and races in the presidents office. It could sure change choices in the future.

      Good luck to all.

    • We should end the discussion by identifying who is really afraid of Obama. Let start the bidding.
      Mine are:
      1-wall street
      2-Oil and drug companies.
      3-The billionaires club that is getting bigger while getting tax cuts and are allowed to ship our jobs abroad.
      4-Corrupt law maker that will lose their grip on money and power.
      Your turn

    • "By electing Obama, we might restore the lost hope that America can be a beacon of democracy and fairness"

      I wish that is what people really wanted, here is what they really want.

      1. Abandon Israel - As in appease the Middle east dictatorships.
      2. Still play the policemen - because they don't have the guts to even police Bosnia. They can then reap the benefits and still criticize america
      3. Don't ever rock the boat with anybody. Let Iran and Korea get Nuclear weapons.
      4. Continue to run trade deficits with europe.

    • The French peasants loved the Revolution, and loved Napolean Bonaparte, who came later! The Russians loved Lenin. The Germans adored Hitler. The Iranians loved the Ayatollahs.
      How blasted naive are these people? Listen to the guy. He offers nothing substantive. The only reason that he is viable, is because of our juvenile media, and the dumbed down education system.
      Did you see what that Froggy wrote. The poor guy couldn't tell the diference between Vietnam and WWII.

    • Experience is vastly overrated. Of course, if you are going to serve in the legislative branch, then you need to know the rules for filing bills and other such mechanical tasks. But those are easily learned. Simply being there a long time doesn't make you a better legislator. It is, in fact, likely to corrupt – or, at the very least, weaken one's ties to the folks back home. If Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz are examples of what experience can produce, then the less experience the better, I say.

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