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  • weburk weburk Feb 18, 2009 12:01 AM Flag

    BAC to Look Like AIG?


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    • We will find out 4:00pm tomorrow. I think we will get a bounce here. You'll see a big move up.

      Here's the deal: they are going to unveil some of details of the plan. CNBC etc. will have people coming on besides the reporters saying they like this and that. Two things will happen. 1. The plan details will no longer be a mystery. The market hates uncertainty. Now it's less uncertain 2. Some of the parts of the plan will be praised as I said. So we have good news.

      Now what we saw a couple of week ago is buy on rumor, sell on news. The news wasn't what they wanted or expected according to what the White House said. Now they are selling into the rumor. Why? They got burned before not again. Now the news will be better than expected and the expectations are now so low it's going to better than anyone thinks.

      The administration knows the markets have been dead in terms of volume and getting killed. They know the foreign markets look to us. They will have a better marketing plan this time. It's all about a sale my man. Just a sale.

      You watch what happens Thursday and Friday.

    • AIG's bollinger band opened up looking like it could trade in the 1.50 range.

      I myself think the markets are toast and everyone expects a bounce off of 7600, I think it will fail.

      man its going to be a interesting week.

    • Thanks I'm going to put it on my watch list. i'll check out the options. Everything is due to pop up soon.


    • fslr at support at 132 then again most stocks are at support at this time. fslr reports earnings next tuesday I believe and has been consistently POPPING after earnings. bookmark it and look at it this time next week.

    • It's funny because we were just talking about it the other day at lunch. Needless to say when he went nuts on his daughter it wasn't a surprise. I'm telling you the guy is completely out of control. The man has some serious problems.

      I know zip about FSLR. Adding a ton of shares of anything in this market is risky. No risk, no reward though.

    • Hard to say actually. They are not showing their books. We don't know how bad the bad debts are.

      I don't think it's going to be AIG though. BAC was fairly healthy without Country wide and Merrill.

      Funny you mentioned AIG. I was walking by the building at 180 Maiden Lane on Monday. It made me sick to look at their name on the side of building. All I could think of was Sc@mbags.

      Tell you one thing buying AIG @ .80 is getting awfully enticing. It has bounce back over a $1 I figure. Check it yourself and Good luck. Don't worry we are most probably right near the bottom.

      If we hold 7,500 going on the close tomorrow it will move up fast. You'll start hearing about the items in the package they do like on CNBC after they have been trashing it for 3 days. Watch tomorrow.

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