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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 Mar 6, 2009 10:35 AM Flag

    America will be a wonderful new Social Democracy

    Wow ! rewards for abuse of credit default swaps, rewards for selfishly pocketing short term profit on loose loans,rewards for blatant abuse of funds (via stock options, perks,lavish lifestyles at resorts,rewards for hiding these facts from their shareholders,falsifying statements while scavaging everything that's not bolted down, rewards for blatant embezzlement. The American dream is going into their pockets. The select few parasites indulging in extravagant lifestyles & are exempt from all laws, are pulling of the royal scam!!! We the people should have taken corporate funding out of campaigns long ago. Eliminate all lobbyists, both in Washington & the market. Put the Glass - Stegal act back in place . The Glass Stegal act was a law put in effect in 1933 to limit commercial bankers from converting to "wallstreet" investment bankers. This act was pulled out in 1999. We have a bunch of " loose cannons" running around spending trillions of our dollars in a bucket with all the same holes in it. The upper eschelon is no longer held accountable in courts of law. This is madness! The rate of spending is madnesss!!! We are talking 12 0's There won't be an America left. These are the same vulture who are shoving Nafta free trade, Outsourcing & ignoring the borders & the laws that govern workers down your throats. What they have accomplished is " Screw the American Worker." " We want higher profit margins at the top" It's a " Rich Buddy Fail Safe System" now. Only money runs , only money wins. The United States has been hijacked by a 2 party dictatorship, comprised of the top 2% of the wealthiest people in the country. What I'm witnessing is Treason !!! Feeding your fat pig buddies faces & gathering like rats looking for crumbs during this bailout fiasco is madness!! Both parties saw this as an opportunity to shovel in the fat. If these "aglutonous pigs" want to save their precious market they ibetter enforce some laws. There's no reg - show enforcement. people are allowed to short to infinity. Naked shorting is common place. Fail to delivers are not even reported. Nobody knows how many outstanding shares are in their stocks anymore. There's numerous yahoo finance bulletin board scams. Nobody is ever held accountable in courts of law. You are basically scaring off your retail investors. Who will you steal from now? yourselves? We the people have rules, laws & morals guidlines to follow, why are these elitists all exempt??????? I have lost all faith in this government, it's now rotten to the core. I'm so p'o'd !! What scares me is it may be too late. They are stealing at a whole new level now. A level never heard of in the history of man. Wsahington has to stop the big spend. Take all the gloden parachutes back before we storm the place! Do not spend any more money till you put some rules into place. These parasites in these companies the boards of directors, the cfo's & the ceo's have become blood suckers & they are milking the American out of the American dream. It's progressively getting worse . Not better. We started out borrowing 500 Billion from communist China, now I'm afraid to look. America is being looted & pillaged by a handfull of greedy pigs. Lynch them! I'm not kifdding! Where's right & wrong, morals,integrity??? where??%

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