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  • danieljtimothyhogan danieljtimothyhogan Mar 12, 2009 12:57 PM Flag

    CNBC whores for GE stock

    Obama = 3.8 trillion in PORK SPENDING! we will be borrowing roughly 2 Trilion from communist China. The interest alone will be astronomical. They are mortgaging our future. Both parties are bought & paid for by lobbyist's bribes. We the people cant compete w/ global corps. All of the money goes to the top & they are foolishly pillaging our future.
    I was hoping he'd try some change however, he's more of the same on a higher spending level.
    p.s. don't invest in the markets. Nothing is being fixed. Our idiotic gov't should have re-instated the Glass Stegal act(enable's commercial banks to be wallstreet corrupt banks w/ no regulation, reversed several loose loan laws in the CRA bill, enforced reg-sho proposals in their precious mkt & get a handle on lobbyists bribes in Washington. BEFORE SPENDING A DIME!!!!!!!

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