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  • dwg7344 dwg7344 May 6, 2009 8:36 PM Flag

    Obama- civilian baby killer

    I get a kick out of you right wing-Brained washed neo-cons. If you look at the facts! Abortion was passed by a 6 to 3 REPUBLICAN appointed supreme court JAN. 1973, fool! Do you understand? You neo-cons legalized abortion you poor idiot. The supreme court has been ruled by neo-con appointed justices since the 50's. What brainwashed fools you are. Gay rights, neo-con appointed justices. We all know GOP is the GAY OLD PARTY! Folly from Forida chassing the male pages, Craig sending Love taps in mens bathroom at airport, and what was the neo-con govenor in Jersey that spent his time in the Gay BATH-HOUSES. If your wife does not like living in a Democratic country, she can take her a-s-s back to her communist hel-l hole! You can go too a-s-s- hole!

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