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  • adler.mark adler.mark Oct 22, 2009 6:51 PM Flag

    So a runaway Jew is now


    you are a bit intense, and the jew comment is offensive, but you make many solid points. also, BAC bought merrill when they didnt want to, so who did who a favor. and as for the term "bailout" that keeps getting used, they have to pay it back in full, and interest at 8%. is that really a bailout, or a govt loan? you cannot cap salaries. it aint right. JPM paid back tarp, stole wamu and bear stearns, and now will poach all the best talent from merrill and b of a.

    winner- j dimon. well played. he's never in the headlines- low key- and will have the premier franchise if he can digest all these new people. even got BS building in NYC.

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