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  • greeock greeock Jan 23, 2010 10:42 AM Flag

    OBAMA is a Divider, Not a Leader

    Notice how it's "us vs. them" everytime this guy opens his yap? He obviously hasn't realized that a leader LEADS and UNITES. Obama is all about class warfare, along with his socialist/communist cronies like Ayers and Wright who are complete off-the-wall nut cases.
    So the guy is pretty small change... not big enough for the post of President of the United States. Academic and community organizer, perhaps, but not President for gawd's sake. No worry, he's a one-term "president" for sure. But Republicans share some of the blame for providing an opening for someone so unqualified to gain the most important position in the free world. And if you are a racist, don't bother replying to this. It has nothing to do with the color of someone's skin. Before Obama's deficiencies became so obvious, I was proud that America could at last elect a black person into the oval office. But it's all about qualifications, character, leadership and experience - areas where Obama is sadly deficient.

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    • Oh yeah, and then there's that complete airhead Nancy Pelosi... man, California must really be in bad shape vote in space cadets like her and Boxer... but then look at the shape California is in. Our most socialistic state is BANKRUPT. And I saw on TV that California has 12% of the total population, but 32% of the nation's welfare recipients reside there. And tons of them have been on welfare for YEARS. Ain't socialism great? Just ask Obama.

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