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  • naydin2005 naydin2005 Jan 27, 2010 10:34 PM Flag


    Go and look at the great deppresion chart, my pessimist friend.
    US GOV did not have any debt.
    They started programs by spending from their own pocket.
    Here we started with great recession. Dow nosedived to 6000, with 8 trillion deficit 8 millions jobs lost when the new president took office.
    Now Dow is at 10,000. Banks are doing better, at least survived.
    Solomon brothers S&L crisis remember.
    Same policies that you are recommending did not work.
    Cheap money has made Americans spend beyond their limits.
    You cant compete with China India Europe with the same broken system.
    He is not advocating socialism.
    The reason he sounds like that because for change the barriers he is facing are bullet proof.
    The reason you hate him is because this change is imperative and not popular.
    No president in any country has ever been popular when he faced a change to initiate.
    You will never like him.
    He will be judged by history ass one of the greatest president.
    One year is not enough to solve these problems.
    One year has not been enough for any family in US to put their budget in shape.

    Let us be positive. Let us be together.
    The things we have are so grave that we cannot act as republicans or democrats anymore.
    If he fails, I guarantee you that coming republicans will fail too.

    This is not a time to put hateful slogans anywhere. The nation is sick in bed. Please be more measured when you are talking about something that relates to not only investors here but to all 300 mil US citizens all.

    Thank you.

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