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  • finkdaniel63 finkdaniel63 Feb 22, 2010 11:10 AM Flag



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    • Yep grab them ankles , SWALLY , u gonna be tigerized !

    • Hardly.
      He wasn't even in the top 50%.

      His first term was decent and he kept the country together after 9/11 but outside a weak attempt to fix Social Security in the second term, the only redeeming thing of his administration was his war on terror.

      But even then, it one thing to weed out and fight terrorists to protect ourselves but it leaves a lot of questions open when you don't even try to protect our borders.

    • As a Republican let me tell you! Bush ruined the World (Global Finance) when he decided to attack Iraq, claiming WMD (incorrectly). Had Saddam Hussein stayed in power, he could have helped us against Iran and we would not have spent billions of dollars on the war and save the lives of 6,000 young soldiers.
      By the way, it was Cheney's idea and he approved . These are historic facts, my friend.

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      • Excuse me a second... you claim to have posted historical facts but I don't see any.

        For starters, the "World (Global Finance)" was not ruined in any way by the war in Iraq. You could say that a big part of our problem is the national debt, which both wars contributed too but even the national debt did not cause the economic collapse.

        There were and we have found numerous WMD's but that was merely a footnote on a long list of reasons to resume military actions in Iraq. Note, not attack Iraq, not declare war on Iraq... RESUME military actions.

        We were already at war with Iraq a decade before, there was a conditional cease fire in effect based on conditions set by the UN, predominately for access to weapons inspectors and maintaining a no-fly zone. The no-fly zone had been compromised numerous times, weapons inspectors had been misleaded and forced out, Iraq thumbed it's nose at all the UN conditions and even abused the Oil for Food program.

        We have no way of knowing what impact Saddam would have had on Iran, it is historical fact that they had no love for Iran but it is only your opinion that would have helped us stop Iran.

    • You BTETCHA...
      He was the best at:
      1. Destroying the economy
      2. Starting Viet Nam 2 (The Bush war)
      3. Murdering thousands of US soldiers
      4. Hiding from reality (duh, how much does milk cost?)
      5. Doing nothing about Katrina
      6. Ignoring the countries infrastruce
      7. Not improving ANYTHING
      8. Not making any contribution to the quality of life for Americans.

    • I lent YOU my crack pipe

    • you must be a BAC employee....

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