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  • multiple_screen_names multiple_screen_names Mar 22, 2010 4:46 PM Flag

    As a working 35 year old, why am I taxed

    now for a medicare benefit that I can not access for 30 years?

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    • Because that's how big government "benefits" work!

      They're all Ponzi schemes designed to keep power hungry politicians in office. They rob Peter to pay Paul!

      Medicare is not a medical SAVINGS plan, it's a transfer tax.

      Social Security is not an individual savings account for retirement. It's a tranfer tax system. You're not even ENTITLED to any future benefit just because you pay taxes during your working lifetime.

    • You are being taxed to pay for people that are currently on Medicare1

    • lbj's great society.

      too bad you'll end up with nothing for all that hard work. medicare is broke, medicaid is broke, social security is broke (btw, if you die before you get to collect, you have nothing to leave for your heirs; all those $$$ become a windfall for all those commiecrats on the potomac), fannie and freddie are broke, the war on poverty is broke; and the only thing that those commiecrats on the potomac can think of is to continue to make it even worse with their evil big-gov lefty commiecrat "kill your health" scheme.

      free to choose? ha! only if you choose to kill the unborn.

      good luck.

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