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  • vall2x vall2x Mar 26, 2010 7:31 AM Flag

    Is Obama the firs Black US President?


    I Know he is and he would not be the last either.

    There were times when parents used to say "you need to wash your mouth out with soap".... The sickening hatred that comes out of some of the racist, ignorant and uneducated mouths on this board needs to be washed out with acid.

    Most of you say you do not like Obama's policies and I know you have a black friend. That does not cut it anymore. Be honest, you do not like him because he is an intelligent black man and the president of this country. His policies are saving your sorry asses on the stock market right now. You almost had no market to trade on about a year ago and your asses were panicking. "What are we going to do" "Help, Help", "Please China, help us" "The market is falling, and it cannot get up" Remember?

    If you really like John McCain and Sarah Palin that much, go to Tucson Arizona today they are there right now and you can make him your “play president” and her your “play vice-president.

    In the meantime and the tween time you have a president who is doing his best to get us out of this mess he inherited. You may not agree with everything that he does. I do not, but at least with a little more support we will all do better.

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    • Congratulations to American for it is becoming more color blind ever day.

      The fact is Obama, McCain, & Palin are all unqualified to be President. Why do we expect so little from out leaders.
      This is American and we can do better.

      The process of selecting our leaders is broken, & corrupt. We are represented by hypocrites who sell themselves like any other retail product.

      Of course we all cannot agree, on most subjects, that's who we are. Who the hell wants a bunch of bobble heads. Our best ideas are found in the give and take of our differences.

      Extreme Liberals & Conservatives get all the media's attention. Like they say; sex sells. Extreme Liberals & Conservatives are the mother's milk to the press.

      We have too many lawyers on the hill with a win at all cost mentality, they are not in court rooms. Rather they represent a broad diverse populace with very different points of view, that's who we are as Americans. As such they must be respectfully of these points of view and find the common ground to move forward.

      Obama's is a socialist, in an American suit of course. Why are we surprised by President Obamas agenda. It was clear in his speeches, and his voting record as a Senator.

      I have no problem with his socialist views. However with that said, I did not vote for him, I do not accept his vision for America and as my American right allows, I will let it be know at the ballot box every November.

      Finally the press and nearly all Democrats forget Republicans where responsible for freeing the slaves, and most Civil Rights legislation.
      Try to remember the party of Lincoln.

      Civil rights for blacks found its historical moment after 1945. Bills introduced in Congress regarding employment policy brought the issue of civil rights to the attention of representatives and senators.

      In 1945, 1947 and 1949, the House of Representatives voted to abolish the poll tax restricting the right to vote. Although the Senate did not join in this effort, the bills signaled a growing interest in protecting civil rights through federal action.

      The executive branch of government, by presidential order, likewise became active by ending discrimination in the nation's military forces and in federal employment and work done under government contract.

      Harry Truman ordered the integration of the military. However, his Republican opponent in the election of 1948, Tom Dewey, was just as strong a proponent for that effort as any Democrat.

      As a matter of fact, the record shows that since 1933 Republicans had a more positive record on civil rights than the Democrats.

      In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

    • actually lincoln was part(like obama) black

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