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  • stock_option_investor stock_option_investor Jan 30, 2011 7:21 PM Flag

    It's vulgar to take away social security and bailout banksters

    You know you are allowed to save for your own retirement. Really, it is OK. You are allowed to open up a retirement account, or save up your own money. They really do let you do that you know.

    The other way is what the Soviet Union did. Are you really advocating communism/socialism?

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    • Tell that to the poor or uneducated with no access to capital. Tell that to the unemployed. Tell that to the factory and union employees who's jobs were outsourced to communist China by free market billionaire pirates like you.

      Come back to earth where here in the US wages are down unemployment is 17% oil and food are high, health care is ridiculously overpriced and so people need their social security more than ever.

      Make the banks pay back the $11 trillion they took out of the economy, make Bush write a check for the unprovoked war in Iraq he started that cost over a trillion but don't take it out of the people who need the funds. That is just wrong.

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