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  • snoop_92679 snoop_92679 Jun 11, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    (R) Campaign Slogan for 2012 "Everyone"

    Like Obama's "Hope" and "Change", the (R)s need to find a brand that reflects what most people want accomplished. The standard (R) cut taxes and expenses vs. (D) increase taxes and spending is getting too old. How about we ALL ("Everyone") make a flipping contribution to this disaster called the United States? Let's increase taxes across the board (50% of wage earners pay NO federal income tax). We need 5-10% ACROSS THE BOARD cuts (military, Social Security, Medicare, etc.). We need a plan to balance the federal budget. That kind of decisive plan will INCREASE CONFIDENCE in the United States resulting in more investment, more jobs / opportunity, and a better future for "EVERYONE" - The (R)s need a simple and clear message going into 2012.

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    • "Weiner for Democratic Presidential candidate"!!

    • I like your simple, clear message of cutting social security, medicare, and etc. Go for it. It will help get Obama reelected and the Democrats will take over the house again. But this already is well known to be the Republican agenda. And your fellow Republicans will oppose any cuts to the military as that is how their districts get the revenues for their local businesses.

      So far the clear and simple message that the Republicans have now is lower taxes on the wealthy to 25%, the lowest they have been since 1931, and eliminate any programs that benefit the middle class. If they are successful the USA will become a horribly uncomfortable place for the poor and the middle class.

      If you want to be consistent with conservative principles you have to get the Republican Party to support raising the tax rates to pay off the national debt for the health of our country. And it cannot just be a slide up to 39.5% that we will have beginning in 2013 when the Bush tax cuts expire. You need to increase the tax rates for those making over a million to at least 50% for the money they make over a million. But the higher the rate the Republicans advocate the more true they will be to their conservative principles.

      Until that happens the Republicans are not conservatives. They are simply slave owners trying to figure out how to enslave more of the middle class.

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