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  • sseawq sseawq Aug 25, 2011 2:56 PM Flag


    See this article

    Apparently they have forgotten that the US government made all the money back that they loan to BANKS (TARP) and some with interest and profits like Citi shares.

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    • This makes sense as most of the Shorts are also members of the Fringe Right Tea Party. The mistake they have made is buying into their own propaganda and following Glenn Beck's investment advice. They are betting against America and because of that share a common goal with the terrorists.

    • That is a simpleton LIE that only the ignorant fools buy and parrot...

      The banksters paying back TARP is nothing compared to $Trillions the world economy loss due to the economic debacle these jerks banksters engineered.

      Did the Banksters pay back the homeowners for the $Trillions they lost in home value? H ell NO!

      Have the Banksters paid back the Taxpayers for the $Trillion in toxic mortgage backed securities on the FED Balance sheet? H ell NO!

      Have the Banksters paid back the $Billions lossed in the AIG debacle? H ell NO! The GAO admits Taxpayers will never see a penny for that ponzi scheme gone bad.

      Did Goldman Sachs pay the Taxpayers back for the $14 billion they were forced to cough up for their credit default swaps that proved worthless? H ell NO!

      Did the banksters pay pack consumers for manipulating the futures market? Gasoline? Oil? H ell NO!

      Have the banksters paid back the savers in this country for Fed policy keeping rates at zero? For degrading our currency...all to bail the banksters out? H ell NO!

      Creating Toxic securities/derivatives is very lucrative for our largest banks in the USA (They control 95% of the $100s of Trillions unregulated derivatives market) but extremely painful for the Taxpayers who suffer the consequences when their bets go bad.

      Bring back Glass Steagall, stop the banksters from using Taxpayer insured money to do their proprietary trading!

      Get a clue, educate yourself before posting your nonsense!

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