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  • boogyman4050 boogyman4050 Sep 27, 2011 10:55 AM Flag

    Anybody see the new law in Alabama?

    For non violent crimes like DUI, drug possession, etc

    New law says go to church for a year or go to jail.

    Talk about forcing religion on people.

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    • I think i"d take the jail time... Less likely to run into real criminals that way... Southern churches are full of republicans and other hypocrites, people who rip off the public in "respectable" ways like selling poor people sub prime mortgages, ripping off the medicare system, cheating on their income taxes, joining the tea party and other such fraudulent corporate swindles, and on and on ad nauseum. jails are full of good ole' boys and black guys put there because the cops have no clue who really did the crime.. Better folks than in most southern churches, most likely.

    • I was wondering if southerners could do anything stupider than they have so far. Thanks for putting my doubts to rest. Only one town did pass that ordinance so this is not an Alabama law. Never-the-less it bespeaks of ignorance and prejudice as it is obviously unconstitutional, and the bill of rights DO apply to what happens in states.

      What people need to realize is that the next step would be “go to church or we’ll send you to jail” followed by “go to church or you’ll stay in jail.”

      The ironic thing is that churches are places of evil as they all seek to divide people and pit them against each other.


    • It's going to get worse than that ..... The World is dividing into two camps ..... False Religion vs True Religion ..... False Religion uses phony miracles , signs , and wonders + coersion / force ....... False Religions worship either men or false gods/godesses (Mary falls into that category , she is NOT to be worshipped) ..... False Religions make up their own Laws ....... True Religion is this - "Here is the Patience of the Saints , here are they that Keep the Commandments of God , and the Faith of Jesus" Revelation 14:6 ..... and that's actually not "religion" , it's reality ..... "Religion" is a man made thing .... Obeying and Believing God is simply acknowledging who is King of the Universe and our Creator , that's all .....

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