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  • aevautomatic aevautomatic Nov 23, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    Shorts will understand the damage they do

    thats not the problem. the problem is these companies were bad companies and were supposed to go out of business so better companies would take their place. But obama rewarded them for being bad companies and that is how he made a small problem into an uncontrollable problem that will destroy the world's economy.

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    • This Happyfew guy also posts under Ghristofsky handle, which started this thread. He claims he is Dutch, yet he speaks very poor English, which is unheard of in Netherlands. He held BofA at $40 and Citi at $28 (before split). So, he is angry at shorts. He is also angry at America. He used to posted things like this: Americans, we Europeans, gave you your house, now, you default and we are forced to take losses. Or: Americans you are only good to fight children and old men..

      The question is, Happyfew, why do you invest in American companies? Like to lose money?

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