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  • pssupmgr1 pssupmgr1 Dec 19, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    If the election were held today...

    Obama would have 51.3% of the voting public. At least this is what was said on CNBC this morning.

    If Obama wins this next year it is truly the wish of the "majority" of the voters. It is called democracy and it is what we get into everyone elses business about.

    I get it if you are angry about the economy but not every single thing is because Obama was elected.

    Personally, I will be voting for Ron Paul. He overall fits my issue criteria and therefore will be getting my for those of you who assume that I am a Obama voting democrat, you are wrong.

    Get over not doing your own DD and stop investing in the stock market if you can't afford to lose what you invest. Anymore it is nothing more than legal gambling with such a volitile market.

    Good luck to all of you and for Gods sake, stop fricken whinning about Obama and start taking on your own responsibilities.

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    • ‎"President Obama's got plenty of critics - and I'm not one of them..."
      Former president George W. Bush

    • ‎"This (weak economy & unemployment) is not something Barack Obama created; he inherited a fiscal disaster. America was on the precipice of financial collapse when he took office." - Senator Kent Conrad (D) North Dakota on CNBC's "Squawk Box

    • What does all that have to do with BAC.

    • You said it. Quit your whinning and sit still while Obama leads the usa into SOCIALISM STATE.. The late great USA will be known as the new providence of CHINA.. So, come on and lets hear a huge cheer for the MAO of USA.. Yeah Obama!!

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      • Did we not elect Obama to fix the economic mess that we got from Bush. Tell me honestly, is he fixing it or wrecking it even more by increasing the deficit. Deficit spending was supposed to help the economy by creating jobs. How many did he help to create. The jobs he claimed to have "saved" are all union jobs, autoworkers, teachers, policemen and firefighters. When was the last time a policeman generated any wealth in the economy. Wealth is created by the entrepreneurs starting a manufacturing or service business and hiring people to work for them. Have you ever looked into starting any business of your own, even a lawn mowing service. When more than half the people in this country get money from the government to live, more than half the people in this country will vote for Obama and we will be like Greece in another four years except there will not be anyone else to save us. get real.

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