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  • ppedroli Jun 18, 2012 5:11 PM Flag

    IF You have Access to a TV....TURN ON Bloomberg NOW!!!!

    Mark Grant IS ON NOW and boy does he HAVE a WARNING for "Planet EARTH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will Post the Video..............Bloomberg should make it Available in about 90 Min.

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    • look Mark Faber,Soros,Sprott,and thier many doomers are idiots and they have caused Me great financial harm.These doomers have been on about the crash of fiat money and governments for four years.If you believe this get guns,beans and go hide in the basement.P,S. and remember your gold and silver.

    • PP/traderx1966/brazen/telez..and how many other names you have..getting old guy..just like you much did you make today posting at 2 cents a pop..$20.00??

    • 99% of us little folks have lost money. Why do you think we're hiding it from you, brother. Take our home values for example. Nah that's a boring one. The IRA monies returns after 30 years of investining in our future locked up until we're almost dead now that the retirement age is being raised. Nah, that's boring too. My 25 yr old small business that is slowly being drained of every ounce of existance on the verge of collapse. Naw, you don't care about that either. We know what's important to you. Living another day so you can do it all over again, and then again and again after that.

    • All of your bullsheet partners with sentiment "strong sell" are really fauked up; when bac is up,you guys hiding in my toilet hole and sometime came out to post trash which did not affect anyone;and when bac is down,you all biatch bashers came out with the full force of trashes posting. Is you life that miserable?,go ahead and kill yourself,we don't need you to worry about our money stupid

    • Bullish! again! it really doesn't matter what kind of bad news out there, the scams will spin it and make it sound bullish, then the retarded sheep will buy!

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      • Far too often, us peons are told it's for our own good as if we can't think for ourselves. Far too often we learn it wasn't for our good.... it was for someone elses at our expense and our quality of lives further spiral downward and others continue to spiral upward. Systems are made complicated to keep us out of the loop on purpose. For instance, the bible is a couple inches thick. The tax code and it's hidden laws of loopholes fill the library of congress and I presume it's a couple miles thick.

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