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  • repubs_r_crooks repubs_r_crooks Nov 5, 2012 12:01 AM Flag


    Chinese were brainwashed or taught Republican ways of doing business.
    The Anglo Saxon Republican methods were designed to benefit
    Republican Anglo Saxons at the cost of exploiting Chinese and other
    Asian labor, raw materials, and resources.

    Chinese were fooled into buying Anglo Saxon Republican debt as
    something good for China. Gullible Chinese!

    Republican Anglo Saxons crooks have no intention of paying back the trillions owed to China.
    Instead, they want to start a war with China over the Taiwan issue as a way of not repaying the Chinese debt.

    By stunting manufacturing in USA, Anglo Saxon Republicans have made the US dollar a WORTHLESS piece of #$%$ paper, hyped beyond its value. The value of a currency comes mostly from tangible manufactured goods, not from services that derive their value from manufactured goods.
    By promoting outsourcing of manufacturing to China, the Republican Anglo Saxons destroyed America. Stupid Anglo Saxon Republicans.


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    • U know, my Daddy, Mr. Felix "Fartaway" Faraway, has a drinking problem too. He starts off his day drinking Thunderbird wine (what's the price? 50 twice. Come again? Dollar ten.Thunderbird wine). Just like you, we are both Democrats; mainly because we don't like having to work for a living and because we like the fact the Democratic Party approves of our incest. Assisted living, food stamps and incest. Doesn't get any better than that! But just like you and that fat toad, Carolyne, when you all post your drunken gibberish, it makes all Democrats look like they are dumber than a dead warthog. And I'm just so afraid that hard working Americans are going to take back their country on Tuesday and our free ride will end. Have another drink for me, my good man, and pray that I'm wrong.

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