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  • america_divided_by_obama america_divided_by_obama Nov 15, 2012 1:01 PM Flag


    That's why they support it!

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    • We got a lot of that in Linear systems Analysis reinforced the next year in Dynamics. Theoretical Probability and Statistics was downright liberal brain washing. Of course they had prepared us with liberal doses of Trig, calculus and Differential equations before they hit us with things like Orbital Mechanics. Sinister as the were we used Arabic numerals and Greek symbols throughout. Such a complete job was done that I still think the world is round and evolving.

    • Yeah, engineering and medical schools have always been hotbeds of socialist revolutionaries and communist agitators. ROTFLMAO I should have told my old man the reason I dropped out of engineering school was that the incessant background chatter about Che and Karl was preventing me from focusing on Planck's Constant and Avogadro's Number, not to mention Herr Heisenberg's Uncertainty.

    • Years ago I got a D in my Civics Class for arguing that America needs big corporations

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      • My first university Economics thesis nearly 40 years ago was trying to argue on legalizing weed (think prohibition got organized crime onto a roll?). Funny how long it takes to make a cogent argument plausible? Reefer Madness was one funny movie; criminalizing pot is/was a travesty, compared to letting JPM, GS, Corzine, Freeh, Giddens take a free walk from MFGLQ and/or common sense? Don't get me started on the Hypocrisy of Petraeus, Allen, or House Majority alleged leadership. History lessons abound, and Mitt/Ryan are still looking for why they lost. It is a most common sense they can't seem to find...much like the neo-cons and sag baggies who have guaranteed that BAC would be at 14 for how long while flirting significantly under 10. I apollogize for gloating a little when reality Trumps loaded dice. F-Bird. (I have been consistent, and the alleged conservatives wouldn't smell the toast burning if it was shares of BAC for wallpaper on their basement walls. Where are the indictments?

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