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  • the_power_inyou the_power_inyou Nov 17, 2012 2:06 PM Flag

    Benghazi is NOT a sex scandal as much as the White House and the media is desperately trying to portray it.

    It is about 4 Americans that were MURDERED and why they were left exposed in an extremely dangerous country with NO SECURITY FORCES BEFORE the attack. And why they were ABANDONED by the greatest military in the world when they pleaded for help, because apparently our military command thought it was "TOO RISKY" to send support. Are there any "LIES" in these statements? If so, then be specific and point them out. The LIES are coming fast and furious, pun intended, from the Obama administration. This is the most corrupt, deceptive, secretive administration EVER and they are supported by a complicit LAPDOG SLOBBERING MEDIA that has turned it's collective back on American principles of a free and independent press. These are huge problems for ALL AMERICANS regardless of political affiliation.

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