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  • carburetorkid carburetorkid Nov 17, 2012 3:56 PM Flag


    Bush was handed an economy heading into recession, 8 years of unfettered fomenting terrorism around the world (including the ignored 1993 attack on the World Trade Center) culminating in 9/11, a collapsing tech bubble and an energy trading meltdown crisis directly attributable to the previous years of poorly managed regulation. The difference is Bush managed the crisis and he handled the job. Obama hasn't. BTW, the only war we are not able to win is the one the Democrats were in favor of. Afghanistan! Another dose of reality, the Clinton surplus the liberals brag about came from that improperly managed tech bubble, that was allowed to careen out control. Combined with off the books borrowing from Social Security, and the neglect and failure to make appropriate expenditures to counter the increasing incidents of terror perpetrated by Al-Qaeda around the world. In other words, it never really existed except on paper. And, how do you have a surplus while you are still running up the National Debt as Clinton was?

    Bush, upon entering office, immediately called for investigations into Fannie and Freddie that were held up in committee or filibustered at every turn by Democrats and a handful RINOs. Bush continued to call for and urge congress to investigate these GSE’s throughout his entire presidency. No action was taken. Those investigations had the potential to expose the whole mortgage back security scam before it became critical. Thank Barney Frank, Barack Obama and Chris Dodd for leading the opposition to those requested investigations. Bush never had a super majority in congress as Obama was privileged to have for two years, and wasted on the ideological legislation of Obamacare, rather than on fixing the economy. While Obama sat on his hands waiting for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to push though his health care nightmare, the economy continued to fall deeper and deeper into despair. Spending reeled out of control with government sinking it’s tentacles deep into the private sector arena with business choking regulations and bailouts for campaign donors of Obama. Had Obama put aside his ideological nonsense and focused on a private sector based recovery plan we would not still be in this dire recession. This is Obama's mess, in all this time as president he and his party still refuse to take responsibility, and he continues to blame everything under the sun but himself. Yet Democrats blame Bush for everything that transpired in his first nine months. Double standard idiocy! Obama is no leader! Obama is without one original cogent idea! Obama has damage hundreds of thousands of families beyond repair. He's just a sniveling whiner! And now he wants to sue the banks! What a feeble ideologically blinded mind this president has!

    The fact that the Clinton staff vandalized the White House and government computers and offices, and dumped and scrambled files, before leaving tells you the juvenile mind set of that administration. And Bill Clinton used the full power of the oval office and the presidency to pressure a young fat intern into being his human humidor at the expense of the entire country. A despicable self-absorbed old pervert by any measure. I have no respect for this man nor anyone who does.

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