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  • parisonr Dec 1, 2012 3:33 PM Flag


    Pres. Obama campaigned on a balanced approach to reducing our deficit, and I aree with that theory.
    He just presented a proposal to the Republicans that doubled the tax increases to 1.6 trillion, added 50 Billion in stimulus spending, and wants free reign on raising the debt ceiling at his whim.
    I am not a brain surgeon, but this is the PRESIDENT of the US playing games with our economy, the futures of our children and plunging the US into a deep recession.
    Republicans, stand up; If this man is unable to be a leader then you must lead for the future of our Country. For all that voted this man back into office, which is beyond comprehension to me, you deserve to get whatever comes your way. When employers start laying people off by the thousands,
    I would recommend calling Pres. Obama; he'll be in Hawaii from 12/17 until way after the first of the year. Maybe you can find him on the golf course! God Help This Country!

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    • parisonr Dec 1, 2012 7:07 PM Flag

      I obviously cannot make individuals like you see reason. I wish you well! When things don't work out for you with your Messiah, I guess there is always hope and change!

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      • You highlight your problem very will never make individuals, like me or anyone else, "see reason" when you are being unreasonable. And you very much are being unreasonable, by not being objective enough to seek to fully understand, and comprehensively address in your argument, all contrasting positions in the issue at hand. Specifically, that is what you are doing in this case, by grossly misrepresenting the Democrat's stance. And of course, you show your true unreasonable and obviously fixed mindset ( that of the radical Repubs) by such lovely comments as .."you deserve to get whatever comes your way" and .."Republicans, stand up; If this man is unable to be a leader then you must lead for the future of our Country".

        Sounds like a call to want blood in the streets on your hands, PARISONR?
        How would that accord with the word of god, per your religious leanings? Or perhaps, in your "reason', he is a radical Republican too? Make up your mind.

    • Those are not 'thoughts' as such, they are simply weak and baised justifications for a prejudgement, and a partisan one at that. You say you agree with the theory of a balanced approach, yet your post makes no mention of the cuts that are sure to be part of the deal. Instead , after your blinkered assessment of the President's proposals, you just launch into the real intention of your post, which is apparent to all: just another cheap propagandizing attack on the President of the United States, whom YOU happen to intensely dislike (for whatever real reason). Grow up!

    • GOP asked what he would like to have and he told them. He doesn't expect to get everything he wants for Christmas. The republicans are so use to getting their way like spoiled brats that they can't cope with the idea that they are finally going to have to give a little or suffer a lot.

      Congress has an end date for doing business too, If they aren't going to get the bill to his desk he doesn't need to be there. For the lame duck session all they need to do is pass the senate bill to extend the middle class tax cuts.

      No good reason to be holding 98% of Americans hostage as a bargaining chip. If they don't pass the bill then they roll back all of the taxes to the Clinton era plus all programs get cut across the board 10%. That takes a lot of money out of the economy but would balance the budget. You might also note that congress has no say about where those cuts are made either. They threw that problem to the president and his administration.
      The GOP Congress which was the most unproductive in history has made themselves a bed they don't want to lie in. Their vanity was their downfall because they were so sure they would win the election and get the senate that they put all the eggs in the white house basket.

      One thing Congress did accomplish is they shortened their working year next year to 136 days. Lets not hear complaints about the president not being on the job.

      Write you Congressman. sending letters to Obama in Hawaii won't do anything, Congress has to pass the bill before he can sign it and the hold up i in the GOP where he has no leadership role. You might make an appeal to Nancy Peloshi. She is the one who Boehner has to deal with.

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      • I agree, Mr. Obama should stop holding the middle class hostage to his overweening need to attack the rich.
        It is NOT a 'republican congress'. We have a dem majority in the Senate, and when we DID have a dem congress, they fubared so badly the 'people' rebelled in '10 and put in some more republicans.Now, as a group, they are indeed the most do-nothing congress we've had in memory.
        Obama seems to do a good job of passing whatever he wants around, over, and under the congress, so that argument doesn't hold, either.

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