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Bank of America Corporation Message Board

  • petert1982 petert1982 Jan 13, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Where is the REAL BAC message board? Why are all the posts about politics?

    Any recommendations for a better MSG board for BAC?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • mostly the same idiot with dozens of id's.....sad life for some. can not come to terms that the majority likes and agrees with obama and that is why we elected him twice.

    • Wow, a brand new ID comes to complain and SW answers then another new ID responds. Other than SW both are brand new today. SW is so desperate to have some one to talk to he makes up new board members. He already has mimcs of most posters so he can carry on conversations with himself, now he is creating a new batch.

    • sarcasm_and_witticism sarcasm_and_witticism Jan 13, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

      You have stumbled upon what you mistakenly thought was a BAC financial message board. Unfortunately, it is not.

      It is, however, open for any other topic of discussion you would like, with particular emphasis on the Iraq war, both pro and con, politics in general, as well as religious topics of any kind. Bad poetry and boring travelogs are also welcome, as well as daily diaries of your personal activities and medical history.

      DO NOT, however, post anything even remotely related to BAC or finance or the markets. Posting any kind of on-topic, BAC or finance or market related posts will get buried by the resident gang #$%$ that has hijacked this forum.

      Of particualar annoyance lately has been yellowratchimp/gutlesswhatever/shockertoyounumber/blubbering_billy_idiot/the_idiot_foreigner, and its latest incarnation, chimpbushidiot. It has attempted to take over this forum for it's own particular brand of left-wing, anti-American propoganda. The only posters that read its #$%$ are honourmydick/starswithoutbrains/rememberwhenihadalife, and libertydujour. As a matter of fact, they may very well be all the same poster, along with JoeKent, donut/fruitcake/prawndujour, stanluboffanynumberwilldo...(See The Theory of JoeKent and the Gang...)

      Consider yourself warned, and proceed at your own risk!

      This board is always, however, good for sarcasm & witticisms...

      Good luck.


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