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  • razzfunds razzfunds Jan 22, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    BAC will spin off Merrill any day now and stock pops 5 bucks to 17.. wait and see

    you will live and learn.

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    • i can not be agree more

    • You also said on NOV 30 that MSFT would buy RIMM for 22.50 on the following Monday.

    • IFsa that happens, stock could head higher than $17!

    • i agree

    • I have pondered if they would ever humor that idea and how it would affect the stock price. I am curious why you would state this. I have read very little from the industry hinting that this was something they want to do. Of course the Dallas FED last week pushing to break up the big banks again made me think about it. Please do keep this conversation going. Why do you think the stock would pop? If they spun off could the price simply drop based on the value of merrill and we are then issud shars of the spin off?

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      • This is a case of the sum or the pasrts are worth LESS together. Wall Street and Banks are two differnt animals. When you pare a WS firm with a bank then the wall street firm can take huge risks with both FDIC deposits and worry from the FEd and tresury if they go under. Also the fed say yes and no on div is dirrctly related to this issue. Banks paid out far too much div and set aside afr too littel. Thus BASIL I and III. Bac is doing a fortress BS. The 100 billion reduction in debt in the last year and a 6% drop in employee county. Merril is 100% rish to BAC. They dump BAC the stock goes up past 16 in a month. Merril on it's own will go up fast also at they are not being held back from the bank.

        As it is BAC is looking at EPS in 2013 of 1.00 or so. mAYBE ANOTHER 5 bILLION TO SETTEL MERRILL AND PRIVATE LABEL SUITS. They it is 50 million here...40 million there. They can easly pay .04 per QRT or .12 a year in 2013 and .05 per QRT or .20 for the year. They can raise this .01-.03 cents each year for the next four years. I see a div of .40 anual in four years. That pust BAC over 20.00 a share.

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