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  • pfswsucks pfswsucks Jan 31, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    You may be a Teabagging Republican if.....


    1. If the last book you read was "See Spot Run"
    2. You, in the last two years sold the wheels off of your trailer house to get a new tatoo
    3. You have El Blimp-Bo Rush's Radio call in number on speed dial
    4. You decided to pay for an NRA membership and not your elect. bill, resulting in getting the elect. turned off
    5. During the last Tea Party Rally your sign said " The prezdent is a sociajust"
    6. You think Fox News is a real News program
    7. You named your son Bubba Beck _______-
    8. You own more guns than books
    9. Your retirement account is buying Lotto tickets
    10. You have lost at least one finger by forgetting to throw the Cherry Bomb
    11. Your stained T-shirt can not cover your belly
    12. You use the electric ride cart while at Wallyworld because your wt. is over 400 lbs
    13. You have a Cowboy hat, but no cows
    14. You have at least one member of your family in jail on Meth charges
    15. The last time you had an thought you called 911 thinking you were having a stroke
    16. You think the Bill of Rights is another Fed. tax
    17. You 8.wear or have considered wearing alum. foil on your head to keep the feds from knowing your thoughts
    18. You own more Veh's that don't run than do
    19. Your convinced that NASCAR is a sport
    20. You can not be married in Alabama since their law allows only a max. of 5 marriages Less

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