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  • sarcasm_and_witticism Feb 3, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    How To Deal With Mason, The Message Board Roach

    Mason’s objective is to live his life vicariously through his mimic IDs, his trademark behavior. But he has also been known to create hundreds of multiple IDs centered around my Sarcasm-Witticism ID alias network of alias and mimic IDs.

    Over the last several years we have tried various methods to placate and nullify Mason. He has proven his point that he can always crash the party and make a pest of himself. He demonstrates a limitation or asset of the Internet, depending on how you want to view it. He demonstates that unpopular opinions cannot be effectively suppressed or censored. While I consider that a good thing, he is quite tiresome in his repetitious, unimmaginative behavior

    My guess is that he has a very low esteem of himself. Probably quite lonely and desparate for any human interaction. He probably thinks that he has high ideals but is childishly self-centered. Perhaps a invalid, perhaps wheelchair bound living on SIA

    I'm afraid that we are stuck with him until he dies or looses access to the internet. If either of those happen, he will not be missed. He is a jerk.

    How to deal with him? Best thing to do is to ignore him. Put him on ignore so that you are not even aware that he has posted. He feels that he wins if he can get you to respond in ANY manner to his posts. He is a classic sadomasochist with his desire to hurt and be hurt. He will probably even get some satisfaction from this post. Makes him feel important that we take any time to discuss him.

    Another thing you can do is change your ID to one that he will not recognize. Want to get rid of the xxxscum IDs? Then stop using the xxx IDs that he has recognized. He feeds off of the desire for people to be recognized. Eliminate the desire to be recognized and you eliminate him until he catches on and then you simply immediately change to a new randomly selected new ID. If you don't want to change IDs, use a very short ID that will allow the #$%$ to be displayed, making it obvious it is not you. Also never use the same ID that you check your portfolio on Yahoo with the one that you use to post. He has also conducted campaigns of banning IDs. Yahoo has implimented changes that make it more difficult for him to do that but he can still do it if he gets worked up enough. It takes more time to ban IDs but he has a lot of time on his hands.

    Hope these suggestions help.


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