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  • kilgares kilgares Feb 6, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    In addition to a free Obama phone, free internet is a right too.


    Everything ought to a right. I have been looking at the new sports car, that should be my right, taxpayers better pony up.

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    • In 2011 controversy erupted over a little-known federal program called Lifeline Assistance that provides free government cell phones and free minutes for financially-strapped Americans. Although ten million people have already received the phones and service, most people still don't know much about it.

      That's why, the independent authority on the program, compiled this list of 10 Surprising Facts About Free Government Cell Phones.

      Over 10 million free government cell phones are now in use. Begun in 1999, its growth accelerated since the first wireless phone was handed out in 2008.
      Government cell phones are offered in 38 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Expect coverage in all states soon.
      You can qualify for a free government cell phone simply by accepting other government assistance such as Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, National School Lunch, Section 8 Housing, and others. No prof required in most states.
      You can qualify if your household income is 150% or less of the poverty level in eight states (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas). In the other states the maximum income is 135% of federal poverty guidelines.
      It's nicknamed the Obama Phone. That's inaccurate, however, because the first free cell phones were distributed under President Bush.
      Illegal aliens are welcome. Program rules don't exclude non-U.S. citizens and there's no verification mechanism. This undoubtedly results in reduced funds available for Americans.
      The program is making the world's richest man even richer. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns Safelink Wireless, the largest company in the free government cell phone business.
      The program is plagued with fraud. Here's one example: Puerto Rico has roughly 4,000,000 people and it's estimated that about 200,000 of them have fraudulent accounts.

    • At what point will teapublicans realize the free cell phone was a bush jr. Adm. Action and not obama?????? Oh ya, i forgot a real teapublican never lets the truth get in the way .............. Oh, well maybe you can visit ann when she goes to prision for voter fraud and you two can think up more lies.

    • If no woman wants to go to bed with me because I'm poor, that's UNFAIR and UNJUST. So every poor man should be provided a woman by Obama Administration because sex is a natural right.

    • pfswsucks Feb 6, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

      You only get one phone call on your free Obama phone! Now get back to moping the floor!!

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