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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Feb 19, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    A Observation

    As we now hear the rants and raves concerning the sequested.............. we have 24 hr so called News networks driving the fear home to all who will listen. We have radicals on both sides of the fence going nuts, but what all forgit is:
    1. If you make people afraid you can control them

    2. It was congress that developed and implemented the sequester non-sense

    We, as a prople have been divided by the political machines and I wonder when we are going to get tired of the whole bunch and kick them out. I do not agree with the extreams of either party and feel that most Americans feel that way. I am tired of the ongoing BS from both sides, they are all bought a paid for and do not even come close to repersenting the people of this country. I think I could sit down with a 12 year old and in a matter of time have a budget that reduced spending and increased revenue. It's past time that we STOP the verbal BS and demand that those in power act in the best interest of America and Americans. We need to maintain critical social programs, but we need to eliminate the level of fraud. We need to maintain a strong Millitary, but we do not need the outragious free spending on millitary contracts. We need Industry, so lets quit rewarding those that close American plants and import products rather than make them in America. We need sound Banking that has strong oversite, we need energy independance, but we do not need Corp. Welafre to the Oil Co.'s, We need friends in the world, but we do not need to pay trillions for that frindship. We need to resolve many issues and people have many different ways to approach those problems, but we will see zero progress as long as we have people in power on both sides that feel their re-election is more important than America.

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