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  • kingofvietnam Feb 21, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Why immigration policies always failed ?

    Becuase idiots in Washington NEVER considered illegal Mexicans an asset but a liability.
    Me ? I am a legal Asian. I got a green card. I recently went to the INS to relinquish my US citizenship. Hee hee LOL luckily they still let me keep the green card so I still can buy cigarettes and beers. The coolest thing about NOT being a US citizen is that you don't have to report to jury duty and never have to get in line to vote. IF you got sick, just dial 911. Never drive yourself to the hospital becuase you might endanger the pedestrians besides at every hospital they treat 911 patient with faster care while green card holders without insurance they make them fill out many forms, almost til they die.

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