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  • dumpobamie dumpobamie Feb 25, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    White House steps up campaign against cuts .....


    We are now being warned about .....
    a slow down in global trade,
    higher gasoline prices,
    a stalled fight against cancer,
    swarms of locusts,
    reduced electrical power to hospitals,
    stillborn puppies,
    no blossoms on the cherry trees this year,
    beer shortages,
    more meteor strikes,
    the Grand Canyon filling with backed up sewage,
    . . . . .
    and most terrible for MOOchelle ..... lobster shortages ! ! !

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    • Wow, I guess Obama should have thought about all of that before he proposed and signed the idea into law. He might want to stop campaigning for a few days and actually attempt to do some work. On second thought, if that idea was the best we have to work with from him, maybe he should take a four year vacation to Cuba and hang with his ideological buddies, Castro & Chavez.

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