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  • djsdjster djsdjster Mar 8, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Obama has saved us from the Bush Depression, we owe Him gratitude for eternity

    We owe Obama gratitude for eternity for saving us from the Bush Depression. Thank God for Obama.

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    • So true, so very true !

    • One sixth of our country's population is on food stamps, and Obama keeps putting out ads for more people to apply...What a national disgrace. He has not lifted one finger for job growth...He is dismantling the greatest country to have ever existed, and turning us into a third-world nanny state...GLTA!

    • why don't you erect an alter to him and knell down before him.

    • Eternity, huh. That's about how long it will take to retire obama's increase to the national debt.

    • No... you have it all wrong. Obama doesn't deserve the gratitude... Ben Bernanke does !!! You liberal socialist loving public assistance kool-aid drinking sheep are SO ignorant !!

    • All hail our socialist leader and pray that he doesn't send a drone after you if your refuse to pay more taxes for those followers of his that think work is only for those who will financial support them. Any more free lunches anyone.

    • Alias 'djsdjster' You are the typical liberal who is politically ignorant and perhaps on some means of government subsidy, aren't you!. The stupidity of your comment amazes me to laugh; and to blame George Bush Jr. for your own life failures also amazes me. Your carved your own destiny so don not blame GWB Jr.!

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    • So true, so true.

    • I dont normally comment on religious or political subjects but im going to on this one ... Ist off im not real religious but i do believe in a higher power .. 2nd im not at all a political followler .. I am a 55 yr old retires small biz owner and for the past 10 yrs ive watched as ALL our political leaders have absoultly sold the us workplace to the overseas markets ... Starting with Mr bill clinton and his now infamous NAFTA I THINK IT WAS CALLED ... We live in arkansas and have seen virtually every small to medium sized mfg co in the entire area close up shop and move over seas -- they can build stuff over there cheaper - i understand that -- but the quality is junk in most cases .. Our local shoe factories , shirt factories are all gone .. And while these werent high paying jobs they were jobs that supported families , towns ,schools ect.. weve lost sooo many jobs now we cant even collect enought taxes to support our schools ,, and Oboma is raising our taxes in every way they can think of .. And all the while i see on tv where we are sending 200 million to some foregin country i never even heard of ... Folks its a joke !!!!! We need leaders to start leading again and stop lining their pockets wit hbribes from big corporations that are getting everthing made overseas and sellin it here in the US .... Walmart -- one of the largest in the world and yes right here in arkansas is one of the biggest culprits and no dought they have put more mom and pop business out of business than any other arkansas co... We need to start putting some high tarriffs on imports like some of the other countries are doing to our products ... Im no expert and dont wanna be but im smart enough to have seen what has been going on for the past 10 yrs -- were getting the shaft on the import and jobs thing We need leaders that know how to run a biz and not a cathouse in WA ...

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      • While I agree with you ideas your facts are wrong. Nafta was not a Clinton animal. It was well on it's way under Reagan and Bush and Clinton received it early on as a done deal, a veto would have been over ridden even if he was against it. Big business sold it as an expansion of our markets and then used it to reduce labor pay by transferring jobs out of country to Mexico. Even Dole was finally brought on board when he was running for President. NAFTA has nothing to do with China and Asia.
        As for your taxes, they are lower than any time since the 50s. There is more money in the USA than ever. Your laborers are just not getting it anymore, it is going to the top 10% who now own 90% of the country and take home 70% of all the income. That is why we need the tax structure changed. Until you understand that you will be voting against the interest of those workers you seem to want to protect. Deregulation allowing all of the mergers and acquisitions has reduced competition to and ideal and no longer a reality. If you only noticed this in the last 10 years you were blind for 20 years before that. Washington has been run by big business. If you think you aren't putting their representatives in office you need to reconsider. Even the tea party is financed by the Koch brothers who have one of the largest private corporations in America. Putting a "businessman " in the Top office would be putting the fox i the hen house. You need someone who will represent the working man. That is one reason Obama was elected over Romney. What did Romney have in common with a working man? Nothing. Not even an understanding of the pleasure of a cold beer after a hard day getting blisters.

      • You Nailed it ! I retired becaused the company I worked for went under, my same job starts in Dubai at 200 thou a your, hard to be a production manager when you don't produce anything.
        And we use our military to protect global corporations overseas that take our jobs !

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    • If he was sent by God he wouldn't do the work of the devil. Same sex marriage is not from God; on the contrary, Gos hates it.

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