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  • sofreakinghot Apr 11, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Can just one Republican on this board show me a GOP president with better market gains than Obama? WITH PROOF !!


    I will be waiting...

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    • what part of r*a*m*p*a*n*t i*f*l*a*t*i*o*n don't you understand?

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    • all the GOP presidents would be too busy targeting big govt legislation at women. the GOP doesn't need an up market to make tons of money. that is why they are pushing for the repeal of the 2012 STOCK Act. Getting rid of the STOCK ACT transparency allows them to cheat the market on the way up and on the way down.

      The GOP sneaks legislation through when no one is looking.

    • You're wait is over. 14,800 and sp500 1580 are exactly 9620 and 1033 when you factor in a dollar devaluation, which is what has happened w all the debt that has incurred to get back up there. Specifically, by the wall street bankers who borrowed the money to do it (and came up with the money to elect the current administration,). Witness ALL world markets turning over and running down and are NOT able to get to all time highs. These include the biggest economy in the world, China, who's economy and stock market did not come close to the their highs in 2007 of 31,352 THAT YEAR. During it the dow was at 14k we had a dollar that was 1.25 not a euro that was 1.31, it is now .82. DO THE MATH, 35% currency hit translates directly over to when you sell your shares what you get in DOLLARS - 1.25 minus .82 is .43 and THAT IS 35%. This doesn't not translate to a recovering economy with us macro data at the moment coming in today at a four year low. If you factor in companies like SOLARA, the NASDAQ is still half of what it was in the year 2000. At 3300 and remember it was at 5000 then FOURTEEN YEARS LATER THAT IS NOT A RECOVERY GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS ON THIS BOARD. It is no where near all time highs and the stocks in it like Msft, intc, orcl and others still at 20 dollar area. Enough said.

    • Coolidge, Eisenhower and Reagan. The Dow Jones more than doubled under Ike an Reagan and was up nearly 4 fold during Coolidge's terms. The Dow has yet to double since Obama took office. It remains to be seen if it doubles by 2016.

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      • Now that is hilarious. in 1954 the dow was at a whooping 354 eclipsing the 1929 high. The move seen in the Eisenhower administration has been seen in one day since then. It is much easier to double a dow in triple digits than it is one in 4 digits. If the dow would double under Obama it would be a five times greater achievement than what happened during Eisenhower.
        By the way though Hitch, what was the top tax rate in either of those administrations and what were capital gains taxed at. Seems higher rates didn't kill the market.

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