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  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 22, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Why does kilgares bother asking?

    He's already answered his own loaded questions to his own satisfaction. Why does he only post bumper sticker slogans and FOX soundbites? Why is he incapable of successfully arguing the 'pro' side of a Motherhood and Apple pie platform against an 8th grade civics class? Why does he keep popping his head out of his homunculus hole (diminutive of 'man cave') and shouting "Fire!" over and over, when he knows the fire department has him on their "Do Not Respond or Resuscitate" list? Oh, that's right, he thought the GOP was about to draft him as a senior consultant, and he's still trying to get their attention. Elmo's got a better chance of scoring with Kim than kilgares has of scoring with Reince Priebus. ROTFLMAO c'mon, ya slug, get out in front of the curve for a change and slap a bumper sticker on your Caravan: "Jeb Bush in '16!"

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