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  • reggie.thoma reggie.thoma May 14, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    The hypocrisy of Benghazi is that more people are dying in the USA daily

    Maybe it is the the fact that many illiterate Americans are hearing the name Benghazi for the first time and they just want to say it before they die.... bottom line is more people are dying daily for guns in this country and Congress had an opportunity to initiate laws that would have helped and did nothing about it. Now for the second time they are up in arms about Benghazi where only 4 peopled died

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    • Fact is that gun crime is down 69% in the U.S. Only not in places like Ill., Mass., NY, NJ, and D.C. They have stupidly passed control on gun rights to possess therein leaving only the criminals with guns. Further, in places where there is a right to carry gun crime is down over 69% which is only a national average. One city in Georgia has a mandate that each household must own a gun, and their gun crime is down 100%!
      One very effective way to control gun violence is to pass a "stop and search" law . This would allow police to take guns away from punks in the inner-cities where there is so much violence. Those who doubt this are libs seeking votes and others suffering from"severe cranial rectal insertion",..a disease common to most libs anyway.

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    • As usual, you are on the wrong side of the argument, but want everyone to believe you to be well-intentioned rather than just an ill-informed impractical lazy utopian dreamer. You have no facts to support you, and far more that refute everything you say. Gun crime is down. Everywhere, that is, except in the places with strict gun control laws. You are wrong.

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      • Like I said...4 people died in a literal war. A tragedy but a fact. Young men and women are getting killed in Afghanistan everyday, also a fact. (not withstanding there are those who would like to send more troops over to those parts for more wars). While those senators initially voted against the proposed gun background check because they did not want to see Obama get anything through congress in regards to to the welfare of the general public you will see how many "turncoats" they are in your gallant troops when the vote comes around again. Having said that, Benghazi is nothing but political, hypocritical fodder that ill-advised Republicans think they can use against Obama and Hillary Clinton. Good luck to them, would not work

    • Ignorant simpleton alert!!!!!

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