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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Jun 20, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    Why the market is really tanking......

    Because it's all FAKE people. Let's just say the total stimulus pumped into the system globally is in the magnitude of 16 to 20 trillion dollars for the last 5 years. China is tanking because when ever you stimulate you are in essence stealing growth from the future; and unless you stimulate further you can't keep up the rate of growth in the future years. So all this stimulus and you get 2% growth in the US. China is tanking because of the asset bubbles they have created and the US is no different. Are things getting better??? YES!!!! Can things get better with no stimulus (in essence can things get better if you left the economy to manage itself???) NO!!!! Because 40% of GDP is dependent on government spending. So right now your national debt is at an all time high. All this stimulus and still not enough growth to pay your bills.......

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    • In essense the other shoe has dropped. So you have recovering home prices, a maximized stock market, a recovering employment level, high consumer consumption based on the 6 trillion dollar stimulus pumped into the system with almost no inflation!!! This alone tells you what you need to know which is without the Fed stimulus you would get catastrophic deflation in the market - Bernanke has indicated that they have pretty much done all that they can to get the market to this point. This time though the downturn will even be more severe because you will have the consumer maxed out on borrowing and the global governments maxed out on their borrowing as well........

    • Of course it's fake it's fraud street it's a totally rigged racket

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