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  • jaymiller474 jaymiller474 Jun 24, 2013 12:47 AM Flag

    BAC very discouraging

    BofA nasty to borrowers, nasty to depositors, nasty to shareholders. If they don't care about their image, how can we? If Moynihan doesn't take action this week I'm out. Eventually will do well but could get very ugly in the meantime and I don't have stomach for it.

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    • You must be from the Motley Fool gang. Each event in banking is Bac's fault and failure.

    • coconut1 Jun 24, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

      This negative price action on BAC is just stupid.. Traders need to start acting more like investors. Unless BAC is hiding something, BAC should not be going down.

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      • As I've been saying all along, if interest rates rise too fast it could be a problem for the banks and interest rates have been rising much too fast. I don't think they can keep rising at this pace, and I see this as an opportunity to lock in some higher bond yields. We are still in a market that see the worst in every piece of news. Very few people sit down and try to think things through, they simply react, sort of like self fulfilling prophecy. Of course, once they begin to realize their mistake, they'll over react in the other direction. That's what makes the markets so challenging AND so much fun for people who can maintain their cool through it all.

    • another thing - miller - I understand frustration about - no media defense - but if I was the CEO - I would be building one heck of a court battle defense - in that
      1) these - 7 - person stated under oath - that they LIED to customers - they stole from customers - because they LIED - also they stole from the BANK - an stock holders an investors- because when that Property is taken back - foreclosed on - the Odds that the property is destroyed is high - the customer loses the home - the BANK loses all profit that they would have made ( thousands of dollars - if not hundreds of thousands of dollars -) - on carrying the loan - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      everyone loses - they LIED for a 25 dollar - GIFT CARD .!
      but they were told to lie - REALLY .!!!
      IF you are told to rob a bank - do you - ?
      if you are told to step in front of train - to see if it hurts - do you - ???
      all for a 25 dollar GIFT CARD - really . crazy .

    • nasty to borrowers - nasty depositors -shareholders - " REALLY " - haven't had one problem - in 9 years
      ( if you deadbeats paid your bills - you would not have problem -either .!!!!!!!!! )
      or lived with in your means - kiddies would not have problems " !!!!!!!!

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      • I've banked with them, for about 20 years. Never had a problem. When I did get some charges against my credit card that were unauthorized, they fixed them immediately and went after the boiler room that had put through the charges. Got my mortgage through them and refinanced a year ago with no problems whatsoever. Of course, I pay my bills on time, never had an over draft, etc.

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