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  • bogusmike bogusmike Jul 15, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    The honorable Eric Holder will take care of this Zimmerman punk

    Just watch Eric Holder put this Zimmerman punk in a place he'll never get out off, Fed prison is harsh.

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    • We saw the monkey sucking up to all the overweight naacp racists today, with their silly bowties, and UNcolorful garbs dresses. What a punk he was, and that silly bible music when they like'd what he spewed. Zimmerman, the BLACK house will convict you. They are extreme racist hunters, just like the #$%$ Jewish hunters, GOD bless them, the Jewish.

    • Indeed Holder has done a terrific, stand up job. Many have no clue what he does and just like to use their racism to complain about him. But in fact, he's been very good at his job and has accomplished alot.

    • Ha, did everyone hear about a young man, who stoled a bike and broke into a bank at three o'clock in the morning here in Detroit? When the police showed up, he had his pockets full money. When asked his age, he said 8 years old. He was really 12. I think it was a racist thing, because the boy was black and the arresting officer was white.

    • Thank God for Eric Holder, the keeper of the flame of justice. He, and he alone, will get justice done.

    • Honorable and Eric Holder in the same sentence is what an English major would call an oxymoron.

    • Nothing honable about Holder you can always tell when he lies he opens his mouth. The media made it look the way they wanted it to, zimmerman did not want to kill the kid he made a bad move when he doubled back and attacked the guy. The goverment needs to stay out of it, the jury looked at all the evidence and it was the correct decision. Their was no race motivation, just the perfect storm of bad circumstances.

    • Yes this is the answer to our misery. The federal goverment will fix this horible injustice.

    • Not going to happen. Civil case first. Wrongful death just like OJ.

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      • Since you'd rather emote on this than deal in facts, here is the relevant statute from Florida:

        776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
        (1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
        (3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).

      • Liberal - read florida statutes. The defense already has full immunity from any civil action. There is no other response possible from the court, except to award the defense any and all damages it claims resulting from the litigation, including legal fees, lost wages, reputational damage, etc. You are completely and totally wrong. There will be no civil matter. That's why the parents are remaining quiet, and it is why Mark O'Mara said that he would seek and would be granted immunity from any further civil matters. Anyone who opens their mouth the wrong way now, including NBC and Nancy Grace, will suffer financial settlements in the millions for their libel/slander of Zimmerman. As much as you want it to be the other way in favor of a juvenile delinquent who was guilty of racially profiling a Hispanic as a white male (or cracker, as described in court by his GF) and then premeditating and executing a felonious assault & battery, it simply isn't happening in the real universe. Wake up, join the living instead of trolling for maggots with the Obama zombies.

    • What a horrible, arrogant, incompetent government we have now. How did we lose it?

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