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  • charles.smithfield charles.smithfield Aug 23, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    blocking these BS posts is a full time job

    cant yahoo police these better?

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    • You think this is a bad site, try a biotech on Yahoo Board. LOL. There are psychos there that don't know they are nuts! Lying about people they don't even know! One phony "pastor" lies and bad mouths others he does not know anything about. A "pastor",..we seriously doubt it. Maybe bought a DDE somewhere, but no real pastor would do/spew such lunacy. Another claimed to be a former "minister of justice" from another country. LOL. Where was that ,..."baboonia";...some third world dump he was thrown out of. LMAO! Then there is a "cholo" named "hidlago.pablo", obvious illegal who hates anyone who knows it. Finally, a little (probably black) gal called "joystick" or similar. Repeats the lies of the alleged "pastor". Had to put them all on ignore as they can't stand the truth,..apparently all are on the "downlow". One must totally dis such trash and seek other, more objective boards. They're there, just look.


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    • Because they are a bunch of yahoo yuppies with doctorates that feel they are worth far more money than what they are being paid, and, #$%$, can't people speak whats on their minds? Oh, I forgot, we have a racist, dictator government in place for the moment.

    • They could, but they won't. It has been like this ever since they started these message boards.

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