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  • dfaduke dfaduke Nov 14, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    The "LIBERTARIANS" lost the vote for GOP in VA.

    Seems the Libertarians took 7% of the VA vote away from the GOP(Cuchinelli) who was leading until about 8PM. It is unlikely they took much if any vote from the democRaps as they vote Libertarian to escape both party's.
    Lastly, further, it also appears the so -called "Tea Baggers" some of you refer to were right all along. Se. Cruz and Sen. Lee had the right idea, but it is only now coming to light in that we know OBUMA lied!!
    BAC is doing well, and it will be O.K. under Yellin. More money to float, but the commie type control of the banks is a hurt on PPS.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Obama money man supported the Libertarian who should have dropped out week before and telling his voters Tea Baggers better than Dems

    • Defeated Flatulent #$%$ Duke, Did you think it was communist conspiracy when the Glass/Stegall act prohibited banks from being brokerage houses and engaging in things like derivatives sales? Do you think the support of the FDIC insuring all of the banks losses is a communist conspiracy? Lets remember it was a Representative from your state that led the repeal that has caused the problem that led to the largest banking failure in the world in 2008. These entities should have been placed in receivership but it couldn't be done without world economic failure so the taxpayers had to bail them out. No government should let that happen again.

    • Wrong again, LIAR. The sack sucking Teabaggers were voted DOWN because they are DESPISED everywhere, including Virginia. Virginia, a Southern state, would seem to be a breeding ground for extremist right-wing excrement, but they voted DEM last week, just like they voted DEM for Obama in 2012. Get it figured out, LIAR -- Teabaggers and extremest excrement -- like YOU -- are HATED and DESPISED everywhere -- including Virginia.

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