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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Feb 3, 2014 2:29 PM Flag

    Don't worry it's only money.....The Fed can print alot more

    This is why stocks have been rallying. Unlimited printing of money, ultra-easy money rules, record low interest rates........spurring demand and asset inflation. Only problem is that the US has to borrow a trillion dollars a year for an infinite period of time to mask the true economy; what is the point of all this if it's all fake?

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    • no the borrowing is real and the spending too, the only this fake is obama

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      • It's real in the sense the Fed is spurring demand and job creation. The cost of this growth is 1 Trilllion dollars per year in stimulus and borrowing by the Fed. In essence total debt owed by all Americans are at an all time high as government debt = citizen debt. Which economy wouldn't show positive signs when your pumping a trillion dollars a year into it. Remove the stimulus which they are trying to do now and SPLAT goes the economy. Look at the purchases; it's not real strength. When the economy was real strong car companies were selling cars by the boat load and a good financing deal was 1.9% for 2 years. Right now everyone is telling us how the car companies are stronger than ever when they are giving the care away....0 down, 0 percent interest rate for 96 months. HELLO? So when you well a car that person isn't going to buy another car for 8 years!!!!! THat's not strength that's just pulling future demand to the present!!!

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