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  • zevoter1200 zevoter1200 Aug 10, 2014 8:23 PM Flag

    yahoo censors the high and low temperature why?

    Gosh so we know yahoo is filled with global warmists. Well this country was here before yahoo and will be here in some shape long after yahoo is gone.........

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    • If they would only censor posting IDIOTS!

    • patriotforfreedom Aug 11, 2014 8:54 AM Flag

      News NBC hides and yahoo deletes- over 100,000 scientists call obama a liar over man made CO2 output. More Obama lies.
      Yahoo systematiccally deletes all posted articles about the Oregon petition and all articles about have obama and the media lie about man made global warming.

    • 'global warmists?' Yahoo is flushing more and more wing ding idiocy along with wind ding hate spew because the ignorant fools keep posting such blatant stupidity. Yahoo doesn'tt remove wing ding posts -- like the abject moronic idiocy from zevoter -- because they are political, they remove them because they are blatantly incorrect. zevoter should have at least finished grade school before he decided to flood Yahoo's message boards with unbelievably incorrect and stupid statements full of spelling and grammar errors.

    • Global warmists? You mean 97% of climate scientists? That means that you and two of your no-talent buddies would be met by 97 people who know better than you. You lose little z.

    • after a series of record colds not long ago, the USDA stopped putting extreme wheather events on the map each week in the WWCB report. For the longest time, each week, they had a US map with new records for heat, cold, or rain then it stopped. I think something similar happened at the worst of the mortgage crisis ROFLMFO.

      Except for places to the north and around the cold great lakes, the corn should be ok but it would be nice to get some encouragment from the wheather muse with a reassurance we have not been forgotten. A freak early frost could create a problem but right now it is not a realistic concern- the wheather hath teased us with early nuture from april on only to play a cruel hoax upon us. ROFLMFO.

      I'm still not sure there have been any decents tests to discriminate normal fluctuations from catascropic effects of being productive. ROFLMFO. I think the great lakes has been getting worse but it is difficult to blame global warming for this year although again fluctuations can provoke wierd reactions as things try to survive.

      You can try all you want to talk value into real estate and mcmansions but if there is no safe water and the entire place is filled with odor do you want to invest there? Build a factory? These are the kinds of real issues that jethro does not care about.

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