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  • technologycrash2000 technologycrash2000 May 9, 2001 7:15 PM Flag


    All we need a a good strong buy recommendation from mwd and we are above 60 in short order.

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    • Word is that BAC pushed a member of its diversity council out the door last week. Apparently, he was aggressive in holding mgmt to their original promises. I hear he was there one day, gone the next. BAC has put a cement lid over the incident. No on knows nuttin. Bunchof stunads, thats what they are.

    • I appreciate you input, but does that mean you think we are not a democracy?
      The Oxford Dictionary reads: "Democracy",n.
      (State practicing) government by the people, direct or representative.
      I believe that applies to us, so we are a democracy. Even a Kingdom like England or Holland is a democracy, as they are governed by elected representatives as far as the daily government of the country is concerned.
      The difference between a Replublic and a Kingdom is the Head of State. In a Kingdom that is a King or Queen (more often than not they do not have any real power in the Government, although many issues are decided by the Goverment "in their name"). The "Royal" family is not elected. A Republic on the other hand has a President (elected) as it's Head of State. Usually this President is politically active, unlike a King or Queen.
      So in my opinion we are a Republic AND a Democracy.
      I fully agree with you that the USSR was a Republic but not a Democracy. The same could be said for the former DDR (East Germany) where the 2nd "D" stood for "Demokratische", but where flight over the "Wall" was more often than not met with death. Not a Democracy I would have liked to live in.

    • I disagree. In a republic, a group of people (who may be elected or not) make decisions for the masses. We have that system, but we elect our leaders. In a true democracy, everyone votes on every issue, like a town hall. That is not practical. Many New England cities began as democracies until the voting became unwieldy. The USSR was a "republic" too, but hardly with imput from the people.

    • ..... Rate cuts do not repair poor management decisions, horrible morale, non-existent customer service, or arrogance.

    • I hope you never make mistakes in your typing or personal life......
      The issue was that a statement was made to the effect that the United States was not a Democracy but a Republic. The fact is that one does not exclude the other as they are different "animals". A Republic fits in the category of Republic, Kingdom, Princedom etc.
      All can be democracies, although Democracy (or democatic) is subject to interpretation.

    • Just what is a "Kindom", genius? A society where everyone is related?

    • If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
      Other than minimum wage jobs, inflation is rampant.
      Maybe we need a new policy: Fed pays you to borrow money.

      And no, I didn't unigore you.
      Someone else answered your post, and I saw it.

      The board seems much more polite, and civilized, although a bit boring lately.
      Ignoring seriously depraved folks (from my/your point of view) helps enormously.

      And please, tech, if you've a problem, add me to your ignore list.
      That'll allow us to exist and not waste everyone else's time.

    • Won't happen even if the fed cuts the rate. Inflation is too high to lower interest rates significantly. BAC prices will reflect earnings. Earnings reflect efficiency and customer loyalty. Gotta get these things first. Stabilize the work force with competent managers and employees and let them get in their groove. Then you'll see this stock take off.

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