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  • jamoonca jamoonca Sep 17, 2002 6:15 PM Flag

    Bush is a phuck'n idiot

    Wants cheap oil so he uses propoganda to tell the American public that Iraq has nuclear weapons.
    The sad part is, 50% of dumb ass idiot actually believe him.
    Invade Iraq will only piss of the insane terrorist more.
    Bush being very arrogrant. Instead of trying to help other countries, he wants to take over the oil. Bush is to blame for 3000 innocent lives lost. America does nothing about Isreal breaking UN resolution for upteen years.
    People get pissed off.
    Bush is very immoral.
    Many people despise Bush and his policies.
    Terrorist held back because they saw Clinton and Gore more just in their policies.
    But 50% of stupid american don't realize this.
    They will in 5 years from now.

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    • wow -did anyone see that bounce from 10.34 to 10.70 for a second ---was that a chart error or a real trade jump -for a second???

    • Yes - I was short jdsu too --just went long couple weeks ago -at 2.03 --hope I'm not to early.

    • Re-affirm what? Continued poor fundamentals? Continued low growth? Continued slump in IT spending?

      What are they going to affirm that will send ths bloated POS to 25?

      I have been shorting tech for almost two years now and what I do is simple I look for the most overpriced sector, right now that is storage, and then scan the stocks with the worst fundamentals and then short the hell out of the worst one or two. In storage I am short NTAP and BRCD, and I think BRCD looks very much like JDSU did six months before it's final drop.

10.21-0.09(-0.87%)Aug 24 4:00 PMEDT