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  • juneplay14 juneplay14 Feb 8, 2005 1:41 PM Flag

    DOW JONES again posts OLD NEWS!

    how many times are they going to do this?

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    • I do not think we would step in if China invaded Taiwan. I believe the clock is ticking and Taiwan will be invaded. There will be a lot of hand wringing but that�s it. I also believe that history will look back on this administration as the most corrupt ever. Of course that�s just my opinion, history will be the judge.

    • Dittoes to that. BRCD or bust.

    • China would never attack Taiwan, no value in this.

      Plus we have a military there, breathing all the smog, pollution, and bad air they can get. Beleive me, Taiwan is a non-starter, no one cares.

    • Just pointing out we don't have to declare war on Cuba. I don't think he said we'd step in - but that we would support those suffering under tyranny - I think he meant through financial support/applying political pressure/supplying means to obtain weapons, etc. However if China were to attack Taiwan I think we would step in.

    • I was in the Army as a cook. I'm from Murphy, NC. Our president has got the courage but not the support to go to CUBA at this time. Too many dems will oppose it for the fear that the money will be spent in CUBA liberating people and the DEMS would rather have the money in their state coffers so they can throw events and parties for their cronies and supporters.

    • Not sure where you, max, and the original poster are heading with this and what this has to do with Brocade, but have to ask -
      Why does a country have to be a threat. Did you listen to the recent Presidential Address. Didn't Bush clearly state that the US will step in and help any people that are being held down by a tyrant? Sounds like Cuba to me. I guess we could poll all of the people that are trying to leave the island on rafts and other makeshift methods to get to freedom.

    • No threat - no problem.

    • Sounds like a school yard bully who only beats up on the little guy. Wonder if that is what pisses off Bin Laden and crew?

    • They are paid to do this. When the initial story goes out, they are paid to reprint it x many times by brokerage houses, hedge funds, etc. It is programed in, therefore the reprints are automatic, controlled by a computer.

      Eevn if BRCD was sold, bought, aanounced 200% increase earnings, this reprint will be put on the newswire, unless some human goes in and deletes the re-occuring process.

      This is very effective in getting the weak hands to sell, and drive the price down.

      Wall Street is crooked, always has been, and will only get worse. That is why a smart daytrader can make a living, and the average investor loses because they get scared and don't understand the system.

      That is why Bush is pushing the Private accounts. 401k's are private accounts, and over the last 5 years, most people are negative. The private accounts, or personal accounts, are pushed by the Bush lobbyist, to keep the money in the hands of the rich, and make the middle class more poor.

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