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  • becarefulwhatyoupay becarefulwhatyoupay Dec 28, 2007 12:27 PM Flag

    BRCD is a risky

    Lots of recent insider selling :

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    • what do you consider a lot of insider selling?
      2 transactions in Dec (29,260 shares and 78,318 shares?)

      Considering those same insiders were also awarded in the same month:
      apprx 1,422,500 options in Dec... (same link you provided)
      Yet they hold the majority....??? Where�s your logic come in here? That is less than 10% of the awards for the month..?

      I see no SEC filings stating they liquidated?
      plus insiders sell all the time..... it is the holiday season.

      in comparison... I'd say your logic is slightly off.
      Or, correct me with links if I am wrong. thanks.

      Hmmmm... let's see.... all these options exercised around 7.13 by insiders... And, BRCD has a war wagon of 500+ MIL awaiting to buyback it's own shares.... Wouldn't you think it might make a little sense to allow your most valued assets (your insiders) to benefit from that buy back as well??? ....Well, they all exercised @ 7.13 .... or so about. And, BRCD has been BOUNCING off 7.40 all week. That shows (me) some strong support other than just us online small fries... Whether we hold it remains to be seen... But, I'd be willing to bet that the buyback is behind us or somebody has a big bid behind us.... either way, that 7.40 LINE was pretty impressive ALL week.! 7.37 was touched a few times .... but, 7.40 was like the China wall...!
      MM's did get a few to panic end of day.....But, 2008 is almost here!

      Only one more day of tax loss selling left... Not much left to keep pressure on us after.... except the shorts... and BRCD if they do not perform!!

      peace.... and good weekend....

    • You mean lots of buys @ 7.13, all insiders @ 7.13 buy,

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