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  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Dec 18, 2012 12:08 PM Flag

    I think, a deal is on the table

    This is what I am thinking.
    Forget about new CEO, BRCD is for sale and an offer is on the table.
    Tthe details of a deal and negociation on the buyout price is going on at this moment.
    Time to add more shares.

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    • Jan options are very active and heavy. Investors are betting on the acquisition.

    • There is no other reason for a company to act this way except when a deal is on process.

    • Don't know about 'on the table', but it makes a lot of sense considering recent excellent performance in relation to the 'value' being ascribed to BRCD. I am not sure a Cisco bid could get past regulators though, but it would be brilliant. Wonder if they would rather swing for the fences and go for JNPR.

    • First of all, what does a deal on the table mean. That is such a stupid comment.

      If you mean there is a legitimate offer to purchase, no way, price and volume would be out the roof. That is not the case. I can only think of a hand full of purchases that were keep so quiet that it
      did not effect volume or price. Most of them of private not public companies.

      No deals are made in December, never, unless bankruptcy is involved, and very few deals are made in January.

      Now, will there be a purchase, we all hope so, because without a deal Brocade will not survive in the long term, it can't, not enough money, not enough leverage, and not enough relatinships.

      A game changer would be a CEO with outrages credentials, and right now, there are none.

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      • I asked the same question from your twin brother or your other ID: How many small cap companies have you watched before acquisition? I owned shares of at least 2 companies, small cap like BRCD before acquisition. There were many disapointed investors when the price was not moving at all or losing a penny a day with low volume until in one quite afternoon news were releleased.
        Companies with more visibilities may be different and you may see high volume and price movement in some of them when news is leaked out.

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    • BRCD can add a huge help to any company in the sector.
      HPQ needs a deal like BRCD that immediatetly adds revenue and income and help to compete against CSCO.

      JNPR needs a deal like BRCD to survive against CSCO and others and in meantime to increase its revenue and income since JNPR current revenue/income cannot supprt its current price.

      CSCO needs BRCD to remove a big threat from other companies if BRCD is acquired.

      EMC needs BRCD to compete against CSCO and others.

      DELL is losing revenue and BRCD acquisition will help it a lot.

      A private fund can buy BRCD, clean up the board and management and double its investment in a year or so.

      BRCD with current price and situation does not make any sense at all unless something is boiling.
      The only explanation can be a deal in progress.

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    • If there was a deal on the table, the stock would be much higher on BIG volume, instead of languishing on anemic volume.

      Better not quit your day job cause you'll never make any money in stocks!!

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      • I should not answer to an idiot like you, but how many small cap tech have you watched before they are acquired?
        Your assumtion is the news is leaked out and volume and price should be up.
        That is wrong in most cases unless the company is a mid cap or large cap with a lot of visibilities.

        BRCD is a forgotten company and acquisition will not be huge anyway. At most, $4 B price or price per share of $8.50. That is ignored by big guys or award is not big enough to collect shares fist over hand.

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