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  • oilman95762 oilman95762 Dec 31, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

    Final 2012 Gains: S&P500 Up 13.4%, NASDAQ Up 15.9% -- BRCD Up ONLY 2.6%

    To quote Yogi Berra, "It's deja vu, all over again!!" Brocade is the chronic loser that disappoints investors over and over. This dog will stay a lowly POS until Klay-Klown leaves AND a respected CEO with solid tech experience and strategic planning credentials takes over.

    It's as simple as that, folks! Happy New Year, fellow bagholders!!

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    • oldmagshop has no real life -- attacking a poster late on New Year's Eve??!! How pathetic!!

      zapmaster -- Learn how to spell and use elementary grammar before addressing me again in the future.

      To all the board oldtimers, either bull or bear, have a Happy and Properous New Year!!

    • Klayco is not your problem, the Board Of directors are.

      Klayco Suckered the board and went laughing to the bank year over year for a very long time. You should look up to a guy like that. Lol

      This company might have good employees with good products but shareholders will never make a dime unless you get a new CEO and the entire BOD is replaced.

      Reminder, as profit goes up they will just give raises and more stock options as they have for the past decade! If this stops in the next "decade" then you can load up.

      Happy New Year,
      May 2013 be healthy and prosperous for you all.

    • This dog doesn't hunt.........

    • The only bagholder is you oiman. You are full of lies and ridicule people who call you out for your moronic statements. Perhaps it is because your oil is contaminated and your brain is now rusted.

    • All rednecks should disappear from this board until the stock can breath.
      Rednecks sometimes become cowards and animals.
      If it was not because of some progressive people in west then this country was much worse than and poorer than some third world counties.
      So, oilman, sell and go away since BRCD does not need you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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